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Get Peace of Mind with Shelton

 You’ve worked hard to build your business, but without a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system, it could all go up in flames. We work together with fire departments, insurance companies, property managers and owners to provide the best quality fire protection money can buy. With response time of 30 minutes or less, and emergency service on site within 1 to 2 hours, we are proud of our better-than-industry-average service coverage. We take great pride in the level of satisfaction and loyalty demonstrated by our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Remodels
  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Quarterly & Annual Inspections
  • 5 Year/Title 19 Inspections
  • Fire Pumps
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Private Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Repairs
  • 24-Hour Emergency

Protection Doesn't Happen Automatically

Your automatic fire sprinkler system was designed and installed to give you and your property the maximum protection against destruction by fire. But are you sure you are automatically covered in the event of a disaster?


Regular maintenance and inspections are the only way to know that you’re covered. Inspections don’t just make good business sense, it’s also the law. With trained fitters from Shelton Fire Protection on your team, you can rest assured that your system is always ready and able to do the job when fire strikes.


When applicable, we can customize your inspection to meet any of the State, County, City, NFPA or your insurance company’s special requirements.

Shelton Fire Protection Inspections Include:

Fire Department Connection/Backflush

Control Valves



Sprinkler Heads

Hose Valves

Fire Hose and Nozzles

Fire Pump

Specialty Systems: Pre-Action, Deluge, and Dry

Pipe Valves.

Water Flow Tests of Fire Hoses, Main Drains, and


Water Pressure

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